jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

Ihsahn de Emperor subasta su guitarra.

Si alguien quiere comprar una guitarra, el ihsahn conocido por ser el frontman de Emperor esta subastando la suya en eBay, aquí esta el enlace. Parece que los miembros de  los extintos Emperor han estado subastando sus cosas (¿Les estará afectando la crisis?) el Mortiis hace poco hizo $3,000usd por la guitarra que usó en los primeros años de Emperor y Mortiis, ahora Ihsahn, ya veremos en cuanto queda.

ACTUALIZACIÓN: El precio final fue de $4,300usd, aproximadamente $57,200pesos, pero el ganador fue un usuario nuevo sin calificaciones, así que de igual manera puede que no se haga la compra.

Arch Enemy "The Root Of All Evil"

A los fans de Arch Enemy:

Swedish/German extreme metallers ARCH ENEMY will release a new album, "The Root Of All Evil", on September 28 in Europe and October 6 in North America via Century Media Records. This special collection features re-recorded versions of songs from the band's first three LPs — "Black Earth" (1996), "Stigmata" (1998) and "Burning Bridges" (1999). Acclaimed British producer Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, EXODUS) mixed and mastered the CD, which was recorded at a few different locations in Sweden and produced by ARCH ENEMY with Daniel Erlandsson and Rickard Bengtsson handling the engineering.

The Japanese edition of "The Root Of All Evil", which will be made available on September 30, will feature five bonus tracks, including cover versions of "Wings Of Tomorrow" (EUROPE) and "Walk In The Shadows" (QUEENSRŸCHE).

The details for the album's limited-edition CD were recently revealed: Apart from a very special "mediabook" packaging, it features three additional live bonus tracks, alternate artwork, an extended booklet and an exclusive patch as additional gimmick!

"The Root Of All Evil" will also be available as regular CD, digital download as well as in LP format (with the full album on CD as bonus).


Chequense esta banda:

Brekyirihunuade is not a band; it's an entity. Brekyirihunuade stands against the white man, for all that he has done is to spread the Christian plague amongst our pagan brethren. The white man has destroyed our culture and has sown the seeds of Christianity wherever he's set his feet. Black Metal has been invaded by National Socialist bands and they must be stopped at any cost. Black Metal was once the White Man's sole immaculate creation, and now it is in a pitiful state of Christian infection. Brekyirihunuade stands against every sort of elitism, for it is the seed of failure. Brekyirihunuade is different from all other extreme metal acts because its purpose is true and its message is clear. Brekyirihunuade's members will not be identified, for their identities are irelevant. Brekyirihunuade will never take pictures. Brekyirihunuade will never indulge in any ridiculous metal gags such as stupid pseudonyms, dramatic photos, concerts etc. All you need to know about Brekyirihunuade is its music and it will always be available for free. We don't sell our music. We are not posers. ** We'll only sign up for a record if we can still distribute our music for free! We won't negotiate this! **

Si alguien les quiere producir algo ya saben, de a gratis.